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Do you know that blogging is a hobby? Not all that a business as people deemed it to be. Have you ever come across the saying; “anybody can blog to make a living”? Have you wondered why many Nigerian bloggers dropped the idea before they ever make the money?

Blogging is the first generation of social websites and networking because, blog makes it possible for users to interact with one another by the way of community commenting, and the owner relate to create robust network of information passage, that eventually results in life up lift and financial increase. Blogs came as archives of information created in a chronological order from top to down. Older posts buried below the archives.

During the earlier days of blogging before it came down recently in Nigeria, most blogs are basically for self-record keep. It was born out of passion. Some people blog about their daily experiences, the reason why it became possible that anyone can equally blog. Because, anybody might have had one or more experiences over a hobby, survived an ill-health or worked in an industry in life.

Professional blogging is about building a sustainable business, an online asset, and equally leveraging that same asset for cash-flow (cash-system), and eventually create a long term value in the future. I do not think you should take blogging as a full time occupation, it was not for me and it should not be for you if you want. Let us stop with this little incept about blog and blogging.

Well, in trying to maintain and stay blogging there are certain factors you have to consider before being able to achieve that. You have to ask yourself two basic questions;

---Do i require maintaining my blog?

---How can I stay, last long in blogging?

If you take your business as a play, it will take you as one too. Your long term of practice makes the perfect knowledge. When I started with blogger (Google) many years ago I burned with that enthusiasm to start something online. But at a long run, my disappointment increased to the extent of weighing me down a little bit. I started getting frustrated when results are not coming as expected.

I went back to the drawing board, made some researches and read a lot of information books where I noticed that, I do not have to take my blog as a joke. So, this is a mindset thing, you must have gone through a lot of mind changing situations coming to realize that this is what you have devoted all your time in building. Then, the question now becomes; did I start this to improve or to waste my time and get confused abandoning it to may be another venture? No!

These are what you should do to take control of your blog and manage it:

..Make a time schedule of how to post content on your blog and never miss your schedule. E.g. (3 times in a week basically) remember, a good plan inspires hope, though hope is never a strategy.

..Avoid trying to suppress your audience with much information than they could carry, to avoid receiving embarrassing messages as feedback from readers.

Negative feed-back weigh some people down. But, a complete entrepreneur should expect negatives all the time because, money are created when problems are solved.

…Values, naturally money follows value. And, value is something greater than money.

…Do not mortgage the money accrued for tomorrow in place of today.

…Avoid thinking about yourself, think about the other people.

…Make a good decision on how to monetize your blog at last without infringing on customers right. No entrepreneur dreams of making a business stand without the benefit at last. But, value is given when a need is met, and the benefit is the product of the real value provided.


1. Examine your conscience; ----what is your intention before venturing into the world of blogging? Do you went there to make money only or to stay long while blogging? Have you examined every aspect of your carrier-passion and noticed where the spinning wheel is driving you to?

These and more are few of the questions you have to ask yourself before having a plan of taking steps towards such venture like blogging because, though anybody can blog but everybody cannot make money in blogging. Then, this last sentence has to be a stepping stone to asking yourself; how can I blog to stay, not as a job only?

Professional blogging is about building a sustainable business, an online asset, and equally leveraging that same asset for cash system (cash flow), and long term value in the future. I think I said so at the beginning of this article, this is just a reminder.

Two important changes you should make at least in your second year of blogging after self and conscience examination and setting-up your blog are;

(1) Start an email newsletter from your blog.
(2) Start selling digital products created by you.

The income will be counted for selling your own digital products and services.
Do you know what I learned over the years as a blogger? Smaller audiences of people who really care and believe about what your work can do for them are more important.

Solution tips :=> “the quality of a relationship matters, not the quantity of “traffic to your blog”

I do not know if you would agree with this popular formula below. Those days of early blogging, you could start writing about what you care about and people naturally will find you. But, I doubt whether that is easy anymore. I know most experts began preaching the benefits of KEYWORD SEARCH VOLUME. They say you have to make sure enough people are searching about your subject, and probably not so much competition, before considering starting a blog on a particular subject. Sounds good ok! But, I do not agree with this formula anymore.

Though KEYWORD is such a useful tool to consider but, the internet is so crowded today that keywords are far too limited a resource you should base your decision on. Based on my experience on blogging for years starting with to helping coach many well performing bloggers make some cool money, I can burst of good grasp of what criteria that matters when choosing a topic for your blog.


Two questions stand out as a determinant when starting a good blog topic. They are: =

1. MONEY (are people/businesses making money in that your niche).

2. PASSION (that subject you are about to choose, can you still see yourself interested in it the years to come?)

What about competition, is it not bad to compete?

How do you think I would not like a non-competitive niche, so I could be the first to market? But my good friend and reader do not try to find a niche without competition. Though being first to spot a niche with no competition in order to sell first is a welcomed idea, do not fail to remember that, the internet has evolved to the point that it is rare to find a money making niche that do not already have people in it.

To my own understanding, that is really a good thing. Do not forget that competition is also a sign of potential. You should know that, when other people are operating in a market environment and making good money, that means the potential is there for you to do the same.

Let me ask you, WHAT ABOUT UNIQUE METHODS AND IDEAS? What you have to do is find a popular, money proven-subject, and then be the first with your unique methods and ideas about that subject. Go over a hungry audience with a solution that only you can provide.

Your solution does not have to be truly original (REMEMBER, ORIGINAL IDEAS ARE RAERE) but make every possible efforts to frame it as unique, in order to position it against everybody else in the market.

Should I say it is the subject or the people; but the people are the subject matter because, the people bear the problems which the subject (niche) is born out of. So, target the people, discover their problems, the subject lies on their problems.

How often have you been motivated or cheered when a particular need that worries you is achieved? I know it happens sometimes so, most people are motivated when their problems are solved.

SOLUTION TIPS: profitable blog topic is when people are trying to find a solution to their problems and you are able to present them with the best solutions to their problems.

So, your job is to gain intimate knowledge about these their conditions, emotions and motivations. You might have had an experience before. Register to have access to my ‘BLOG SOLUTION TIPS’ where a full detail of how to choose a blog topic and profitable examples of blog topics are treated. You will be able to know HOW TO TRANSLATE ALL THESE YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL IDEAS INTO BLOG TOPIC? It is for free.

Profitable blog topic if well achieved should be a lead to creating your pillar content. Having examined your conscience, chosen a reasonable and profitable blog topic, then, the road to posting good written articles should be your next step ahead of creating attention. One should be battling with the question;


No exact principles to create a pillar content however, there are some key characteristics you can follow. There are times when articles you do not expect becomes pillar content and the ones you might have poured your energy on, sadly do not bring much traffic.

Here are the concepts to follow in order to create a pillar content: =

1. “HOW TO” articles;
This is a basic or important pillar article concept. You have areas of specialization right! (Industry)? Think about writing an article that teaches how to do something in it. Note: only write “how to article” on topics you truly understands and had experience on.

Few examples:
---let us say you blog about certain types of fowls, write about how to choose the right breed of chicks.
---if you are a real estate agent blogger, write on how to use social media like Facebook as a marketing tool for real estate agents.
---assuming you blog about how to start dating again after a divorce, create a how to on where and how to link the relationship again.
You already know the how to strategy. Relate it to your niche and remember to tell a story if you can.

No doubt, you have had encounter with so many list article topics like----“TOP 10 WAYS TO……….or 20 TIPS TO IMPROVE ON SOMETHING” etc. these often spread like wild fire all over the internet, and the good reason why are:
Human beings easily digest lists.

People with short attention spans often find it easy to digest articles in the list form. Tested and proven that articles within the range of 300-900 word range with clear dot-point bullet lists and vivid headlines makes history.

INDUSTRIES PRODUCED CONCEPT THAT IS HARD FOR PEOPLE TO COMPREHEND. If a concept is complicated, try as much as possible to produce a pillar article that defines the concept, clearly explaining what it means and how the reader can go ahead and implement it. Though this may seem simple to you, but remember you are an expert in your field. Try as much as possible to explain things to the minimal for your readers as they are beginners and as well tell a story as an example.

You may say, why doing this while site like the wikis already does that. Though, it is okay to link to other sites from definition as a beginner. But it is a lot better if you write your own definitions.

Note this: writing your own definitions keeps readers on your blog, increases your page views (total number of pages of blog readers view) and how long visitors stay in your blog (visitors length).

To cement your expertise, try defining concept in your own words, using your own unique story and voice. Credibility and trust is also built with this. Better to create your definition in concepts that you know rather than refer readers to links, thereby driving traffics away from your site.

This is similar to “how to” concept, but focused mainly on the technical aspect of a problem. Tech bloggers are good in this, for they make use of graphs, spread-sheets and images to demonstrate how to do something.

Technical concept is a step-by-step, visually promoted article demonstrating how to complete a task. Many times, the pictures tell the story more than words do. Programmers like us use this style to show how they code a web site and design images with Photoshop. An industry that has complicated definition can be solved with this. In this case, it is more about the imagery and less about the story.

Be theoretical (Argument); if you have blog that deals on politics, current events or economics and topics that triggers healthy debate, do not be afraid to be controversial. Introduce a strong opinion and be ready to stir scenario provided you can justify your theories.

5. CREATE AN ARTICLE SERIES (significant resource):
I make use of this pillar concept very well that, I am recommending it for you as a concept that will help you as a beginner. Create series of blog posts. They can be articles, videos, audios or the three, depending on what content format you like. The major thing is that, each piece connects to the next in series. You are creating a super “how to” resource.

Make it a priority to provide a free introductory guide on a core problem your audience needs you to solve. It might require five to ten articles to cover everything, you should not hold back. This solution guide is a good example you can reach millions of thousands of people with because, you decide to write a good quality series of blog posts.

6. USE MULTI-MEDIA (multiple means of learning).
All fingers are not equal, in this aspect meaning that, all human beings do not learn in the same pace. We do learn with different modalities.

The four modalities of learning are:

i. AUDITORY (Listening).
ii. TACTILE (touching).
iii. VISUAL (seeing).
iv. KINESTHETIC (participating).

In terms of blogging, these four learning processes break down into people who probably like to read, listen to audio, watch videos and those who would like to actively participate in a live presentation program.

People are more likely to ignore content not presented in their readable format. Your best chances of satisfying the majority are to provide content on all the formats you can.

SOLUTION TIPS: this is what I want you to do. Stop for a moment, take little break from reading this solutions. If you have chilled bottle by your side, drink awhile and feel refreshed. Now, get out a note pad or tablet, then, go ahead and plan your first pillar content.

Make a review of the six pillar contents of mine and apply them to generate ideas for your first blog articles. You will be excited when you might have generated ideas for your blog. I am a master of this for 9yrs now and, I still love penning down notes for articles to write.

Time to move on to the next phase once you have your ideas well penned down. Having created your pillar contents, blog visitors need to visit and be in love with what you are posting to the extent that they will buy your idea and believe in you and be able to trust you being able to solve their problems. The issue now is; HOW CAN YOU CREATE A COMMUNICATION MEANS? I.e. what is your communication channel?

How can you begin the next level to attract people and show them how amazing your content can be?

Thanks and remain blessed!




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