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    Starting this article with a discussion of love may seem to be a departure from the subject of the lesson, but, I beg you reserve your opinion until you finish this lecture then; you may agree with me that the subject of love could not be omitted here.

    Many objects, people, work arouse our love nature. Also there are some works which we dis-like, some we like moderately, and there are works we actually LOVE.

    For example; great artists generally love their work, but the day laborer, usually do not like his job and may actually hate it if not for the money it brings.

    That is why, the work a man hates bring on fatigue on him very quickly and same man when engaged in a work he liked may labor for an un-believable long period of hours.

    Using a short story as I always love to do, about a Swedish gentleman, Years ago, group of socialists or co-operators as you may call them came together with a purpose of establishing themselves economically.

    They purchased large acre of land and their idea was to work for themselves and pay no one, each person establishing himself at the kind of work that impresses him.

    It did not take long, the Swedish gentleman joined them, and he was placed in printing department at his own request but, he complained he do not like the job. He was changed to the farm to operate the tractor; he could only withstand two days and immediately applied for transfer to the diary.

    Now, the cow became his problem and was also changed to the laundry. He almost tried all the jobs and liked none and began to look like he did not fit-in the co-operation and will soon be dropped.

    So, one of the members happened to think about only remaining job, that is wheeling bricks to the brick yards which he agreed upon and was doing the job with all enthusiasm.

    Days went by and no complaint was registered, and when asked; he agreed he loved the job he was doing.

    Just imagine any one preferring the job of wheeling bricks. Not too long, the bricks finished and he came to the co-operation manager and you could imagine what he said; “so I think I can go back to Swedish” and back to Sweden he went.

    A man engaging in a work he loves so much poses no hardship for him to do more and even better work than that for which he is paid for and this is the reason why every man owe it to himself to find the type of work he likes and enjoys best.

    1. Happiness, which is priceless
    2. Money, which is the actual reward that do come along out of the service of DOING MORE THAN PAID FOR (this is the secret of getting more promotion at work)

    During all my years of study and looking for a better means through reading and researching, I have been applying the law of DOING MORE THAN PAID FOR and was going more further by doing work which I did not at the time of doing it expect any atom of payment.

    There are thousands of reasons you should form the habit of DOING MORE THAN YOU ARE PAID FOR even if no one is rendering such services. But, I will come down with two benefits:
    (a) You will benefit by comparison with those around you who do not render such service. And it will be noticeable that there will be attraction towards your service no matter what your life work may be.
    (b) You will be privileged to exercise your service-rendering qualities and develop skills and ability of an extra-ordinary kind and finally build reputation that is valuable.
    Illustrating further: can one build a stronger arm by keeping it out of use? It will only degenerate to atrophy by dis-use.

    ---- So, here is your benefit as an employee through services of “DOING MORE THAN PAID FOR”

    1. You practically set your own wages and no sensible employer will try to stop you.
    2. Other employers will easily discover this unusual quality and offer you a pay-rise in employment.
    3. You profit by comparison: the fact is that, many employees are rendering as little service as they can get-by. So, you can get-by if you like--- and that is all you will get; definitely when work is slack and retrenchment sets in, probably, count yourself as one of the first to be dismissed from work.

    A great writer Napoleon Hill said and I quote:
    “for more than twenty-five years I have carefully studied men with the object of ascertaining why some achieve noteworthy success while others with just as much ability do not get ahead; and it seems significantly that every person whom I have observed applying this principle of RENDERING MORE SERVICE THAN THAT WHICH HE WAS PAID, was holding a better position and receiving more pay than those who merely perform sufficient service to “get-by” with”.

    So, I stress the importance of making this principle a habit in life as a means to enable an employee promoting himself to a higher position, with an elephant pay-check.

    RS: if you read this article to the end, you are great. This is beneficial article and I hope you will understand that. And if you are satisfied with this kind of article that you desire to receive similar articles with time, register with us here for daily and weekly newsletter.

    Date:--2018-08-26 07:09:25

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