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    Most a time in this part of the world we do have negative concept about what success truly is and how to achieve it. Success is clearly a joint venture, a team effort. To be sincere with you, it can never be achieved alone.

    But do not forget that sometimes it feels lonely along the road to your goals, which is when you happen to realize that this is not a lonely way.

    I strongly know that you would like to have a team of experts, mentors, guides, and well-wishers to assist you along the way. Well, you will be surprised that a lot of these people are out there willing to harken to your beck and call.

    The famous author and motivational speaker “Brian Tracy” knows this when he said; “you can ask your way to success” he spoke with experience because; many of these mentors are well complimented when you genuinely ask for their help. Do not hesitate to ask and do not assume you know it all.

    There are however, certain rules for attracting benefactors into your life. Here are a few I have learned: -----

    1. I DO NOT KNOW IT IS PERFECT (admit you do not know it).

    Putting up the appearance that you know it all appeals to the soul but becomes disillusioned, as patterning to actualizing the technical-know-how, even worst that sometimes we do fool ourselves into thinking that this illusion is true, Anyway, you should not forget that we are now into a rapidly changing world.

    Everything is accelerating faster than before now, there are more scientists and specialists breaking new modalities than any other time in history.

    Note this; it is not a sign of weakness to admit that you do not know. Rather a kind of strength to approach life in a long-life-learning process, exercising your curiosity to learn and know more.

    So, you have to routinely take note of areas of your work or businesses that you would like to learn more about thereby forming such positive habit.


    To avoid procrastination, once you identify something you need to know more about, I advise you should go to those people who are clearly define authorities in that area. Go for who have the talents, expertise, and most importantly, the know-how you need.

    Make sure you start there, if they cannot help you, definitely they will know someone who can.

    3. KNOW WHAT YOU NEED (Be specific).

    Gatekeepers and mentors are always intrigued and feel challenged by intelligent and well thought-out questions. That is why it is paramount you must know what you want. They can only help you when you are able to come out boldly with concrete set up about what disturbs you.

    And assuming you do not know what you need, ask questions similar to this: where should I go to find out what I need to do in order to come out successfully in doing this?

    4. YOUR WILLINGNESS TO PAY MATTERS (willing to pay).

    People often feel reluctant when you ask for their help, but if what you need to solve requires more than a phone call or take-out lunch arena, it is reasonable you offer to pay for the expertise.

    It worth every penny you paid if you have the right person in place. Most importantly and beneficially, plan and be ready to pay whenever the help you need is what the expert person does for a living.

    If you respect someone enough to seek for his/her help, at least you have to try to give his/her advice a try. Most importantly, do not take up the time of that person listing the reasons his advice would not work for a person like you. Just give it a try.

    6. EVERY ONE LIKES TO BE APPRECIATED (express appreciation).

    Even the spiritual beings are well motivated whenever you showed appreciation for whatever you felt they did to you. For the sake of heaven and humanity, how many times have you appreciated someone who has helped you? Please, make it a point to thank the people who helped you.

    Is it not one of the major reasons people are moved to help one another? Because everyone likes to be well appreciated, do you not want to recognize that you have made a difference? I know we all love to know we have made a difference.


    “You are not known for what you know, you are known for what you teach” I quote Jesse Jackson right hundred times for making this statement.

    I so much agree with him that; what you know do not make you known not until you form the habit of letting others know about it too.

    Please, when you find out about something that could be helpful to others pass it on. We all grow from what we know.

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    Date:--2018-10-11 08:13:54

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