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    I did be a blogger for more than half a decade now, formally under Google blogger, and that made it possible for me to be able to ask myself so many questions while growing up in this business of blogging.

    Some mind boggling questions have crept in my brain so many times. Just like the heading I used as our starting point.


    Do you think the MULTIMEDIA is more prone to advancement more than any other means of exposure on the internet? Well, with the multimedia as a means of passing information on the net that has yielded its own major benefits, the non-avoidable thing is that, this media-means is still wrapped in the written word. Without which, it is not yet complete to disseminate any information.

    Starting a blog with written content as article and the use of email Newsletters made the first impression that blogging is “an outspoken word wrapped in written word, through which your live speech is made physical by the way of written content why it all remained virtual” for more than half a decade now I have made use of written content as a special means of passing out my information to my respected readers and that has been amazing.

    Coupled with email newsletters is like a compliment to items not well apprehended by the readers on your blog post.

    One most important thing here is that you have to write to entertain and make your audience perceive you as a person with his/her own artistic way of writing which expresses you.

    While trying to define your identity in writing in today internet blogging world, you can still try your hands in the multimedia-means such as; VIDEO PUBLICATIONS, POD-CASTING, INTERNET STREAMING, WEBINARS etc. still, all these multimedia-means is a crippled giant without them being wrapped in same written word we are talking about.

    Think of it in this way; videos need titles to get them well defined, webinars must go with landing page to get people to sign up, and live streaming need description before you press broadcast. So, the internet is almost in the written word.


    May be you are a beginner in blogging or already in it for quit a long time now, excited of having heard that majorly what you need to make your blogging carrier depends on what you think you have the capacity to do.

    There is one secret I must share with you today, and this is;

    Practice the art of writing for a decade or there about, and you will be surprise how well you must have improved in your businesses online.

    SOLUTION TIPS: write content constantly if you are new in blogging and this will help you grow in other areas of affections in your business that will influence your exposure tomorrow. Giving you the avenue to persuasive writing which is a tool in your marketing strategy. Hence customers could perceive your virtual presence as though physical, your winning edge is already there.

    Then you can sell to them often.
    The nature of the internet is structured in a way that, it is a means made to help the less privileged ones attain the same level with the multi-companies with less time and still surpass them if care is not taken. The ability to get wrapped-up in written word is encouraging.

    A platform you can tap into and make the next shift in your life by practicing your craft of writing against the multimedia-means if you do not have the resources to the multimedia.

    For your information, you can achieve great height by written content and email newsletters.

    Discover your creative craft of writing, continue writing at least 5 times per week as a beginner and you will be amazed how cheerful the world of internet is as a platform wrapped in the written word which is unchangeable rather, the multimedia still succumb to it as its breathing apparatus without which its survival (the multimedia) will be at stake.

    I suggest you practice your writing craft and it will definitely change your life for the better because, every media platform depend on the written content of our daily or weekly post.

    Well wrapped-up in the written word is the nature of the internet. So, you got nothing to lose.

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    Thanks and remain blessed!
    Posted By: Kingsley Anyi
    Afridigit Magazine (e-Zine)

    Date:--2018-07-13 07:48:32

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