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    One of the key posts for any businesses online should be your life story. I so much emphasize on this because of its powerful position in dealing with our audience.

    Simply put, a life story should be your BACKGROUND, a story about how you started your life in doing the businesses you do today. This should relate to your blog or businesses online.

    If you blog about PLUMBING, basically your life story should be how you grew up discovering this venture. How your interest glued with this kind of lifestyle that you almost cannot do anything else except it.

    Assuming you blog about CURE TO MOUTH ODOR you should be able to narrate your ordeals or encounters you had that led to this. Either how you got disgraced severally for having this kind of problems or, you got motivated to blog about it after you might have encountered a person who had mouth odor and you were not comfortable talking with the person.

    If you have a cloth-selling business for example, how did you get into it? Was it out of passion or did you just get there because others are doing the same? You should be able to let someone know your life story or driving force towards this kind of business.


    The story about your life in a blog post should be a NARRATIVE. This should be written in Narrative form, gradually or sequentially high-lighting the processes that led to you starting such businesses and where you are with the business today.

    You should remember when sometimes TV stations or Radio stations do invite some special successful individuals to tell a story about how they started. There is a reason for doing this; one of the reasons being that this is a platform to reminisce and think about some proven facts in your life. May be where you got it right or wrong, which you might have even forgot that such story could deliver an impact in what you do today.

    I have to testify that, there is something powerful in going back memory-lane in your life. I think this triggers some forgotten moment in your life which makes you feel happy after remembering and knowing the fact that, there was a time in your life which seems to be forgotten, but could impact positively in your life if well harnessed.


    For a while now, my marketing perspective demonstrated to me that life story is the best marketing tool. I have not told a story about me since i started blogging under Google BlogSpot which I so much regretted; the secret here is its ability to allow you express your authority over what your business is.

    Even if you did not consider yourself as an expert, telling your life story is necessary. It is an expression of one-self even though you are WORK IN PROGRESS; this will definitely help to create an impression.

    This kind of story is powerful because it helps you to imply your authority.
    Simply, you are telling everybody that you are great in what you do, and not only that, you equally are sharing your background story using a narrative to specify yourself in a chronological order as a biography coming before the memory of your audience like a movie.

    Your audience should feel care about what you say or they would not find it enjoyable to finish up with your story. Push them towards the arrow of your successes and failures on what you do today not a scattered life story.

    Beneficially you will find that people who finish reading your life story will eventually believe in you and trust you not just as a blogger but also as a coach.
    They will respect your opinion and value your work because; they have seen what you have been through for years now and where you have come from.


    This story should also function as a powerful teaching tool. Of course a means to emphasize on what worked in your life businesses and probably what did not work.

    I know many of your life lesson led to incredible life changing status. These lessons are what your audience will like to hear and use as an instrument to their own self development. Do not forget that by sharing your journey you demonstrate “your own before and after case study”.

    Truly speaking, your life story is not enough to engage your audience on how to do something completely---- that is what should be expected of your BLOG SALES FUNNEL.
    But, this shows your fundamentals and overview of what you are made of.


    Life story page is quite different from an about page. An about page is a SOUNDBITE. Very important page that have few simple purposes like;

    1. Explaining the benefit of your blog or businesses to the reader.
    2. Brief introduction of one-self.
    3. Provision of bio origin or photos.

    Life story page is not the same thing with about page, and about page is not design to perform the same task with your life story page.


    I will go into detail on how to write and use your life story to sell any services or products latter. SUBSCRIBE WITH ME AFTER READING THIS POST TO GET DETAILS WITH TIME.

    But, as the case may be, here are some tips on how to write and use life story to sell your services or products:

    1. OTHER OF SEQUENCE, start by narrating your story in a chronological order, leaving each stage to march with the follow-up stages of the story of your life. Highlighting each key breakthrough or failures you experienced.

    2. DO NOT FORGET YOUR OWN FRUSTRATIONS AND FEAR; fear is always a vacuum remember, what you feared or get frustrated on but latter realized that what you thought it was is not really how it looked like.

    3. Compare what worked and what did not work during your life journey. Talk when you hit the big break-through and when you flattered.

    4. Do not forget to write about influential individuals that helped shaped your life, which has impact in the area of your carrier.

    5. BRING EVERYTHING UP TO TODAY, Talk about what you currently do, how you have helped people achieve the same fit.

    Your life story should not be just a random event, your life story should connote all what your nature of blog or businesses say. Or else, you could end-up writing a scattered event about what happened in your life that made no interesting meaning to what your blog or businesses is.

    Your life story should contain at least the 5,000 to 10,000 words article range.

    You can break it down according to parts, making sure that each part is a descendant of the previous part to enable proper understanding by the readers.

    You could also try to explain your history with VIDEO OR AUDIO Podcast, if you cannot write it as I did.

    SOLUTION TIPS; I strongly recommend you write your life story post as the first thing when starting out a business. This is an important piece of content and a great way to start blogging or businesses.

    For over a time, I will keep adding on it to create a chronological order of my story along the line as a blogger for over half a decade now. For a start over memory lane towards my success and failures so far, you can read over my life story here;

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    Thanks and remain blessed!
    Posted By: Kingsley Anyi
    Afridigit Magazine (e-Zine)

    Date:--2018-07-13 07:50:31

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