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    Wikipedia called links “THE REAL CURRENCY OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB.”

    I came to understand that the reason Wikipedia referred to links in this manner is because, for everyone to exhibit any form of activity online, his/her experiences depends on “the click.”

    That is to say, every action you take online starts with a click on a link. In organic traffic results, the determination of placements by search engines is unavoidably based on links—both inbound links (links coming from another web sites or blogs to your site) to your site and outbound links (you link from your sites or blogs to others).

    So, as a blogger or site owner, when you work on optimizing your web log do not forget to pay close attention to your links, those on your site and those that points to your site.

    But, you should not forget that, quality content on your site is a determinant, coupled with your linking guarantees the level of happiness the search engine spiders exhibits.

    Quality content on your site and quality links makes search engine spiders perform actively at a maximum happy-rate of hundred percent.
    Below are tips on what to do in order to enjoy the benefits accrued to having your sites or blogs linked and be linked back:

    1. You have to build a network of quality inbound links (from another site to yours). Luckily if the inbound links uses one of your keyword phrases as a shield, that is a success for you.

    2. Link from sites similar to yours because, this will definitely turn to high-quality votes for your site.

    3. Incoming links that are high ranked are the priority of any linking strategy. The important thing is to link to good sites with good content.

    4. Assuming a page that links to your site is a bigger site and has few outbound links, the link they point to your site is given higher weighting. In this case, to receive the outbound (linking from your site to other sites) the fewer the outbound on the page you are linking from, the better for you.

    5. Trade articles with other quality websites.

    6. Pay attention to forum or community sites, this will lead readers to your blog and encourage linking that transfers some authority to your page.

    7. Make yourself part of the internet “Buzz” go to the sites I mentioned and few others, get involved and help people solve their problems by dropping your content and put a link into your content.

    8. Chose blog directories that are useful and submit your article there.

    9. Text link Ads has a good reputation as a link broker. You can ask a site directly even though it is not in a business of renting links or get involved in websites that you can link back by just posting content. Even get involved in their PREMIUM OFFER TO GET BETTER POSITION.

    10. Get involved in webinar sections and conferences because, the authors always link back to their participants as a guarantee for being involved.

    So, when you work at optimizing your site, you have to pay close attention to your links, those on your site and those that point directly to your site. Do not forget that, quality content from your site to other content-carrying sites make search engine spiders happy.

    Date:--2018-10-11 08:15:22

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