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    Well, being in a country with bad economic state for years now and still surviving has proven that, this period is not the end to successful achievements rather an opportunity to strike back and discover what it is that we did not do well from the beginning.

    From an entrepreneurial point of view, bad economy seems to be the greatest opportunity for us now, and do not forget that so many countries who have been in the third world life with us before leaving us behind, made judicious use of this famine called BAD ECONOMY because, they made proper use of the opportunity to cushion that which causes this precarious conditions. Which we neglected until the whole thing got to all of us anuses.

    Well, my Wife Nk once told me that hunger is very nutritious. And I asked her how, thinking that my baby is about to go crazy; latter, from her explanation I realized what she was saying is the truth.

    She told me that you will never get to know how delicious a type of food is, whether okpa, amala not until you go hungry for one day then, even if the worst food is given to you, definitely you will rush it not recognizing how worst it is.

    I agreed with her immediately because, I have once been in that condition. So, BAD ECONOMY is nutritious as hunger is, just to discover how.

    Well, my name is Kingsley Anyi, the founder of Afridigit, a non-profit Hub that merited the ambassadorship of That was why I opened-up a hidden Google grant given out every year to individuals like us and no one ever wanted you to know, wise ones are taking advantage of that. Well, that is by the way.

    Been a blogger and information marketer for 9 years now, owe an M to M web-redirecting app that accepts only 350 chars including spaces and redirects you exactly to the main source of your information. ( ). Have a database of 5,000 subscribers.

    Now, let us mean business. We are going to---- learn thoroughly about five most lucrative ways to make money online in Nigeria. This is going to be practical between me and you only if you are ready to learn and invest by implementing.

    Note this: follow my foot-step and you will never regret, all you will be doing is thanking God who made it possible for you to jam this kind of information. Having spoken much, it is now time to specify right.

    You might have heard about most of them but, you should not assume you know because, we all have different means to translate our own teaching.
    So, let us ride, the 5 online ventures we are going to learn perfectly free are:
    1. Content and information marketing
    2. Blogging
    3. Affiliate marketing
    4. Email list building
    5. Social media marketing and presence for SMEs (most people and their social media presence need up-grade)
    And 15 lucrative BONUS niches you can tap into and start making money in Nigeria quickly without soiling hands. Let us do little examination about each of these above.

    CONTENT AND INFORMATION MARKETING: this may sound simple to you but in actual sense it is not. This is the number one online business for you, and everything you do online is centered on it. It is not expensive to start and what you could use to succeed on it are within you and all over the places.

    It is the soul of my income online; it is just a secret that I have revealed to you now. The good thing about it is that, you develop it once and keep on selling for the rest of your life.

    BLOGGING: Many people confuse blogging with magazine aspect of blogging as linder Ikeji do. No, blogging have gone beyond that, now, it is an e-publishing platform to show-case whatever it is you have and people are making it big, why not join them.
    It is easy to set-up because, I will teach you how to set-up a free blog with Google monetize it and make money.

    AFFILIATE MARKETING: Imagine leveraging from another person and his/her sweat yields you much money at last. As you know leverage is “the ability to do more with less”
    In this aspect, you will be doing more with less effort on your side and be making it big.

    You will learn how to affiliate, various platforms and individuals to affiliate with and make money.

    EMAIL LIST BUILDING: No doubt about that, this is where the money is. When I was starting-out, my mentor kept on telling me about email list building but, it was difficult for me to assimilate until recently when I realized that, this is where the money is.

    Funny enough, those mentors those days are always secretive that they hide many things from you and wanting you to spend money. The case is not going to be the same with me here. Do not panic.

    You will learn how to build a money generating database of email and use it to make money by advertising for companies and individuals within your list members and charge money for it. Also, sell your own services or products to your list too.

    SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR SMEs: the problem with most businesses in Nigeria now is, not being able to go online. People now have online presence than they do, watching TV, reading newspaper, Watching films. In no long distant time now, businesses not online will go extinct. So, you will learn how to market your businesses with the help of social media and cash heavily as I do WITH MY IMPORTED GOODS.

    MY ILLUSTRATIONS ABOVE are just a tip of an iceberg of what is contained in each of the courses. There are lot more buried within each course and we are going to treat them thoroughly for your understanding and for you to be able to start and succeed.

    I hope you are ready now since you have been looking for a good mentor and coach and one is here? Ok! Do not be on the run soon because, you will learn a lot to succeed. Let me ask you; are you afraid of learning? I pray you should not because, knowledge is power and no knowledge is a waste.

    Though, some of the courses above will require you set-up a mini-website, you will also learn how to do it without writing code. Do not panic yet. There are many ways to kill a rat.

    NOTE: please, this is not for get-rich-quick minded people because, this is not MMM or MMF (money making factory) this is real business, and a sustainable online business that will endure forever and bring you out from shackles. So, let us not misunderstand ourselves.

    These courses have no date to start or end, it all depends on you. Hence you register for free, your own training section starts the next day. We will start with CONTENT AND INNFORMATION MARKETING, when you finish with one and still interested in another should send email to me with the caption: I NEED CONTINUE WITH-“Blogging” for example.

    So, to register follow here remember to write “free training 5” in the field form for services.
    MUST: send a text message to my number 081697023 that reads “registered” after registration, Failure to do so, you will not get the course sorry,

    See you soon.

    Kingsley Anyi
    CEO; Aftidigit, ridihow

    PHONE: 08169702377

    Date_Posted:---2018-05-07 16:00:18

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